Ingram Entertainment Inc. is a leading distributor of CD and LP Vinyl Music. 

  • We currently offer approximately 84,000 music SKUs. 
  • We have an experienced purchasing and marketing team dedicated to the music category to assist our customers.
  • We also sell DVD & Blu-ray movies, documentaries, and performances as well as licensed collectibles related to music.
Compact Disc


CD, also known as Compact Disc, is a small optical disc format that contains pre-recorded music in a high-quality digital format and is widely used in supported players found in a home CD deck, compatible DVD player, car, computer, and portable CD player.  CD Music is often higher in quality than other digital music formats because of the type of file format it is encoded on. 

Ingram Entertainment offers approximately 58,000 titles on CD with more titles being added every week.  These are currently available for our customers to order from their Ingram Sales Representative.

LP Vinyl


Originally called Long Play album (LP for short), it is now more widely known as Vinyl or LP Vinyl.  LP Vinyls are 12” discs of pre-recorded music in an analog format played on a turntable or record player and is enjoyed by collectors, nostalgic fans, as well as a new generation that appreciates the record experience.

 Ingram Entertainment offers approximately 26,000 titles on LP Vinyl with more titles being added every week.  They are currently available for Ingram customers to order directly from their Ingram Sales Representative.