DBI Beverage purchases assets in San Jose

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, November 4, 2015 –Beverage wholesalers, DBI Beverage San Jose (DBI) and M.E. Fox & Company, Inc., (M. E. Fox), announced today that DBI has purchased select beverage distribution rights and related assets of M.E. Fox.  Twenty-six suppliers, totaling 1.7 million product cases, were added to DBI’s portfolio including Constellation, Sierra Nevada, Heineken USA, Boston Beer and Diageo-Guinness.  Following the transaction, DBI’s San Jose’s operations will distribute approximately 6 million cases of beverages annually.

The Fox Family’s legacy in the U.S. beer industry dates back to the founding of the Fox Deluxe Brewing Company out of Chicago in 1933.  Michael E. Fox Sr.’s father, J. Raymond Fox, worked for several breweries after leaving Fox Deluxe ultimately retiring as Vice President, GM of the Hamm’s Breweries in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Michael E. Fox Sr. and his wife, Mary Ellen, founded H&B Beer Sales (Hamm’s & Budweiser) in 1965, eventually changing the name of the company to M.E. Fox & Company, Inc. reflecting their shared initials.  Chairwoman Mary Ellen Fox’s father, James Croke, was General Counsel of the Schlitz Brewery in Milwaukee and was the chief negotiator for all the Milwaukee breweries during the Great Brewery Strike of 1954.  Michael and Mary Ellen’s six children have all either currently or previously worked in the family business.

Terence Fox, President of M.E. Fox, has been named Vice President and General Manager of DBI Beverage San Jose and will oversee the combined operations.  Dennis Fox and Catherine Fox have also accepted senior positions with DBI.  DBI will temporarily operate out of two warehouses, including the current M.E. Fox warehouse, until a new 160,000 sq. ft. facility is completed in the fall of 2016.

“Dennis, Catherine and I,” stated Terence, “are excited to join the growing DBI Beverage team. Though the decision to sell our distribution rights was very emotional, it is wonderful to know that our family’s tradition in the beer business continues.” David Ingram, DBI’s Chairman replied, “M.E. Fox & Company has been a successful distributorship in a growing market with exceptional associates and products. We welcome them to our organization and look forward to the growth this acquisition brings.

DBI Beverage San Jose is a subsidiary of DBI Beverage Inc. which also operates beverage distributorships in Sacramento, San Francisco, Stockton, Modesto, Napa, Ukiah, Chico and Truckee. With this acquisition, DBI Beverage Inc. will distribute an estimated 31 million cases of beverage products annually and employ approximately 1,175 associates.