Advertising Placement

Let Ingram Entertainment’s Advertising Placement department be YOUR advertising staff. If you are an active customer, we can place your allocations with the media, formatted to meet your marketing objectives while adhering to studio guidelines–all at absolutely no charge to you! We can develop a customized advertising plan based on your regional demographics and then place local advertising orders with the media of your choice through one of our accomplished media buyers. There will be no claims to file, no credits to reconcile, and no cash outlay to your media partners!

  • Radio – radio stations from coast to coast – local or national
  • TV – TV stations from coast to coast – local or national
  • Cable – all cable stations – local or national
  • Newspaper – all local and/or national newspapers
  • Magazines – all local and/or national magazines
  • Direct Mail – custom programs ready to mail within 7 working days
  • Premiums – anything you can imagine, we can create
  • Promotions – created with local sponsors in your market
  • Racking – programs for retailers